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MainStage - Friday 3/31/2017 - Sunday 4/16/2017
It is a touching, funny, and warmly perceptive story of a spirited and lovable elderly couple facing their twilight years. There is a current running beneath this play that is as strong and poignant as any running beneath any of the great stage classics. It is as present as the play's lake itself, as timeless as the loons. The play brings the audience a humorous heartbreak on every page, some unspoken and never overtly acted. This play brings the story of what truly keeps a family alive.

It is said that the most courageous and selfless act one person can do for another in this life is to simply "rally." To tighten one's belt and take a deep breath, ignoring your own pain, fear, regret and sorrow, and to simply "rally" so that another can find peace, feel comforted, and survive one more moment. Come partake in this play and you will know what we mean.

The line from the play that you will take with you and the emotions will stay with you ...

"I'll take you down to the old town road. You’ll remember it all, my darling; we’ve walked it a thousand thousand times.” 
— Ethel to Norman - middle of Act I


"... a rare and memorable theatrical experience ..."
— Variety


"ON GOLDEN POND is a work of rare simplicity and beauty, and in Thompson our theatre has found a fresh new voice."
— NY Daily News


""What courage it must have taken for Mr. Thompson in the 1970s to write a play with so much affection in it!"
— The New Yorker


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