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Villainy in the Vineyard
MainStage Friday 2/16/2018 - 3/4/2018

Villainy in the Vineyard - A World Premier Musical Melodrama comes to the Camino Real Playhouse main stage! Welcome to the ultimate audience participation old west Melodrama. Discover the mystery and mischief, the schemers and dreamers and applaud the heroes and heroines as you learn the fate of the local Vineyards in this seldom told story. Before the great grape blight of 1886 there were over 50 vineyards in what would become Orange County (which was almost called Richland). Come learn the mostly true story of a vineyard, its heroine, and those scheming to take her land. Fun for the whole family! Life is a Cabernet my friends! Next season our Melodrama moves to our Black Box theatre to keep audience participation alive and foam rocks flying in San Juan Capistrano ... so don't miss this last Main Stage Melodrama.

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"What did the grape say when he got stepped on?" "Nothing really ... he just let out a little wine."


The Director - Gary McCarver, is bringing a world premier old-west musical melodrama one final time to the main stage of the Camino Real Playhouse. Before the time of Melodrama in San Juan Capistrano is gone ... be sure to bring your children and grandchildren for one last musiocal Melodrama. If you have loved throwing foam rocks at villains and old style piano playing for the last 28 years ... here is your last chance. Buy your tickets and make a memorable experience for you and your loved ones so you can say ... I remember those days of Heroes and Villains in San Juan Capistrano.

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