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Town Center Park - Weekends July 14th through 3oth, 2018

ZORRO - THE CURSE OF CAPISTRANO! Come back to a time in history where men were as fast as their swords! These dashing caballeros created a new country - Alta California. The King of Spain had granted large areas of land called haciendas to those he felt were worthy. These men were called Dons and ruled these haciendas and all who worked the land. Above all of the Dons was the Governor, a ruthless and cruel man. The missions were sprouting up along the El Camino Real. Some Dons were corrupt and the few honest men could not speak out for fear of retaliation. There was no one to turn to until one man stood up for what was right.


The Curse of Capistrano was a 1919 serialized novel by Johnston McCulley and the first work to feature the fictional California character named Zorro (zorro is the Spanish word for fox). It would be later published as a book in 1924 under the title The Mark of Zorro. It is set amongst the historic Spanish missions in California, pueblos (towns) such as San Juan Capistrano, California, and the rural California countryside. Come enjoy a picnic in the park and a memorable play.

Ticket price is a paultry $15