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The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Written by William Gleason

Directed by Darrell Hill & Leslie Eisner



Most actors will be assigned double/triple roles

Clouseau -
Chief Inspector of the Surete

Francois -
Clouseau’s driver

Cato -
Clouseau’s butler

Dreyfus -
Clouseau’s arch enemy, for Chief Inspector

Dr. Duval -
Dreyfus’ psychiatrist

Drummond -
Inspector, Scotland Yard

McLaren -
Inspector, Scotland Yard

Dr. Fassbender -
Inventor of the Doomsday Machine

Margot -
Dr. Fassbender’s daughter

Olga -
Russian agent, in love with Clouseau

Jarvis -
Dr. Fassbender’s butler

Mrs. Japonica -
Dr. Fassbender’s maid

Mrs. Leverlilly -
Dr. Fassbender’s housekeeper

Mrs. Bullock -
Dr. Fassbender’s cook

Mr. Shork -
Dr. Fassbender’s gardener

Mrs. Stutterstutt -
Dr. Fassbender’s beekeeper

Tournier -
A bank robber

Hindu Harry -
Dreyfus’ gangster cohort

Cairo Fred -
Dreyfus’ henchman

Mafia-Type -
Dreyfus’ henchman/assassin

Orderlies -
At the same asylum

Waitress -
Female assassin

Assassins -
Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Swede, Nigerian, Arabian

Chuck -
Head waiter at the Mirage Club

Emcee -
At the Mirage Club

Couples -
Spectators at the Mirage Club

French lady & man -
Lovers in restaurant

Waiter -
In same restaurant

Technician -
In Dreyfus’ television studio

Messenger -
Unfortunate bearer of news for Clouseau

Desk Clerks -
German, one male, one ancient female

German girl -
Spy with poisoned pretzel

Pink Panther

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