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Auditons for

Play It Again, Sam

By Woody Allen

Directed by Darrell Hill

Audition Dates: Sunday and Monday - February 10, 2019 and February 11, 2019, 7:00 pm
Please bring a headshot and resume | Sides will be provided

Performance Dates: March 29-31; April 5-7; 12-14
Rehearsals begin:  February 13, 2019

The play is about a recently divorced film magazine writer, Allan Felix, who is trying to restart his romantic life. Eventually he falls in love with Linda, the wife of his best friend, Dick. During the course of the story, he repeatedly seeks advice from the ghost of his idol, Humphrey Bogart, who explains how to pursue women.

Cast of Characters:

Allen Felix - 30 something. a slightly nervous, insecure film reviewer, likable, bookish, nebbish .

Nancy - 30 something. Allan’s ex-wife, seeks an adventurous life elsewhere.

Humphrey Bogart - 35-55. Bogart from Casablanca or The Maltese Falcon, a man’s man.

Dick Christie - 30 something. Allan’s best friend, workaholic, husband of Linda.

Linda Christie - 30 something. Dick’s wife. A bit neurotic and insecure, but with a kind heart.

Sharon Lake - 20’s. One of Allen’s dates. A photographer’s assistant.

Gina - 20’s. One of Allan’s dates, small role.

Vanessa - 20’s. One of Allan’s dates, a sex-kitten type, small role.

Go Go Girl - 20’s. One of Allan’s dates, dancer, small role.

Intellectual Girl - 20’s. Hippie type, cool, small role.

Barbara, 25-35 - Allan’s new neighbor and cinema student, small role.

For additional information please contact the director: Darrell Hill
telephone: 949.874.2931 or email: capogoss@gmail.com

Auditons for

Dastardly Deeds at Harmony House

Directed by Gary McCarver

Audition Dates: Sunday and Monday - March 3rd and 4th 7:00 pm
Please bring a headshot and resume | Sides will be provided
If you want a singing role please - bring 16 bars or a song

Performance Dates: 4/19/2019 to 5/5/2019
Rehearsals begin:  March 11th, 2019

Welcome to the ultimate family friendly audience participation old west melodrama with live authentic old-time music based on actual stories pulled from the history books. This is the story of our favorite villain trying to hoodwink a slew of investors with a bogus tin mine up in the canyons above Orange County California. It is also the story of the Irish Judge that made San Juan Capistrano his home for half a century as well as the world-famous actress that many of those canyons were renamed to honor. As always … this is the story of dreamers and schemers, heroes and villains, but mostly about those that came from all over the world to make San Juan Capistrano and California their new home. Always fun and always a family-friendly time in store for the cast and audiences..

Cast of Characters:

HENNESSEY – Travelling from Ireland and crossing the continent working for the railroad to find a new life in California. (I) (age 18 – 30)

HEATHER-ANNE-COLLEEN – Hennessey’s true love that he left behind in Ireland and who longs to join him in California. (I) (age 18 – 30)

PAIGE TURNER – Paige reminds audiences to join in the fun by holding up cue-cards (such as Boo … Hiss). She also leads a post-intermission sing-along and is the play’s Narrator. (S) (age 16 – 24)

TRUDY LITE – Our pianist brings the melodramatic antics to life as she tinkles out the turn-of-the-century old-west-style tunes.

THE JUDGE – The unofficial “King of San Juan”, repository of common sense, and owner of Harmony Hall in the heart of town. (I) (age 55+)

GROVER WOODS – Local landowner, gambler, and friend of The Judge. Grover’s dad used to own half the county before hard times. (age 55+)

TENNESSEE – One of the mine workers that enjoys a good game of cards. Hennessey’s friend and a southern gentleman. (S)

TIM BURR – Local Prospector and fur trapper living out in the hills of San Juan Capistrano who can also provide the old-west sound effects that you expect in a Melodrama. (W) (age 55+)

MADAME M – The accomplished star of theatres and opera houses across the globe, originally from Poland, but she and her husband have made Orange County their new home. (E) (ageless 50+)

PROFESSOR MACK-INTOSH – An opportunistic conman who has been selling shares in his bogus tin mine. Not sure why he is pretending to be Irish … maybe to help accomplish his nefarious plot. (45+)

CLAIRE VOYANT – Former soothsayer that married The Professor but is becoming disenchanted with his larcenous ways, or is she? (35+)

DINA MITE – The youthful, brave, and daring explosives expert for the Mac-Intosh mine … with a secret or two up her sleeve. (W)

ACCENTS: Irish (I) - Southern (S) - Western (W) - European (E)

For more information email the director Gary McCarver gary@heroandvillain.com 

Auditons for

The Addams Family

Directed by Robb Rigg

Music Director Marc Marger

Audition Dates: Sunday and Monday - March 11th and 12th at 7:00pm
Please bring a headshot and resume | Sides will be provided

Performance Dates: May 24th- June 9th
Rehearsals begin:  April 1st

Be prepared to sing 2 one minute (32 measures) contrasting song selections to show off appropriate character and range for the role(s) you are auditioning for. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music in the correct key.
Please be prepared to dance..

Cast of Characters:

Gomez Addams, Tenor (Bb2 – G4), 35-55: An attractive man of Spanish descent. Must have great comedic timing, move well, and strong vocals. Fencing skills a plus.

Morticia Addams, Alto/Mezzo Sop. (G3 – Bb5), 35-50: Beautiful, leggy, easy comedic actress with a sexy, dry wit.

Uncle Fester, Tenor (C3 – C5), 30-50: Serves as the musical’s narrator; rotund and child-like, hugely enthusiastic and totally incorrigible; a vaudevillian, needs strong comedy and tenor vocals.

Wednesday Addams, (A3 – E5), 18-25 to play 18: Gothic in a sexy
way, witty with a terrifically dry sense of humor; strong pop belt vocals. Shorter in stature.

Pugsley Addams, Strong high vocals (unchanged voice) 11-15 to play 12: A charming, funny, husky boy, strong, high vocals. Voice not yet changed. Shorter in stature.

Grandma, (G4 – F5) 35+ to play a feisty 102 yr. old woman: Comedic actress with strong character vocals.

Lurch, Bass (Eb2-E4) 25-50: Seeking actors at least 6’1 - the taller the better; a man of very few words, often spoken at half speed; must have true low bass vocals

Mal Beinecke, bari-tenor (C3-A4) 40-55: Stuffy father of 19-year-old Lucas.

Alice Beinecke, soprano/high belt (Ab3- G#5), 40-50: Mother of 19-year-old Lucas, very strong comedic singer/actress.

Lucas Beinecke, Pop Tenor (C3-C5), 18-25 to play 19: Attractive, in shape young man.

The Ancestors, SATB, 20 and older: Strong contemporary singer/dancers who sing and have a
fun, quirky sensibility. Knowledge of tango and flamenco dancing a plus.

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