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AUDITIONS: September 10th and 11th at 7:00 PM
PERFORMANCE: Halloween Night - October 31st

In addition to the live show Halloween night, we will record Sleepy Hollow in early October for broadcast by radio station KSBR on Halloween night, at the same time as our live performance. Rehearsals will be on Saturday mornings, with some weekday evening rehearsals just before the recording date and the live performance. Details are available.

Ichabod Crane is the new schoolmaster in the quaint early nineteenth century Hudson Valley village of Sleepy Hollow. Though nervous by nature and too credulous when it comes to ghost stories, he yearns for the hand of local favorite Katrina Van Tassel. But a burly local swain, Brom Bones, has his eyes on Katrina as well. As Katrina plays them off against each other, Halloween approaches – the anniversary of the deadly ride of the Headless Horseman. Can Ichabod win Katrina’s heart and avoid both Brom’s anger and the Horseman’s demonic curse?


Narrator –male of any age

Ichabod Crane – late 20s. A flighty local schoolteacher with a nervous disposition.

Katrina Von Tassel – 20s. A coquette who enjoys flirting with everyone.

Balthus Von Tassel – Katrina’s father, 50s up. A wealthy local farmer, fat and satisfied.

Jan Van Brunt,– 20s up. An overconfident lout.

Mrs. Kovenhoven - 50s up. A local woman

Mr. DeGroot – 40s up. Villager

Balthus’ Man – Male of any age

Hendrick Van Wingdergen – 60s up – a crochety old local farmer

Lotte Gelden

Mrs. Van Danneman

Gerte Janssen

A black cat

Townsfolk, Choir members, Schoolboys, Party attendees


AUDITIONS: September and 11th at 7:00 PM
PERFORMANCE: Halloween Night - October 31st

THE STORY: Newlyweds Paul and Sarah Seaton want to be just a happy young couple, but Sarah is haunted by the ancient memories of her family’s past. Or, perhaps it’s something more haunting her, calling her out to the local graveyard night after night. When local start turning up dead, the question – and Sarah’s fate – become bound in a whirl of supernatural powers that transcend death.


Announcer - Can be anyone

Host / Raymond - Can be anyone

Paul Seaton – 20s. A young husband, worried

Sarah Seaton - 20s. His wife, haunted.

Mr. Griffin – 50s up. The local cemetery caretaker

Judge Foster – 50s up. A local magistrate

Dr. Norton – 50s up. The local doctor, a bit tired.

Hester Randall – Any age. The vengeful Corpse

Sheriff – 35 up. A local policeman


AUDITIONS: October 1st and 2nd at 7:00 PM
CALLBACKS: October 9th and 10th at 7:00 PM

PERFORMANCE DATES: 4 weekends - November 24th – December 17th
REHEARSALS: Begin October 16th ( Mondays - Thursdays at 7:00 PM )

It’s a Wonderful Life is the heartwarming story of an average guy from a small town whose dreams of escape and adventure have been squashed by family obligations and civic duty. His guardian angel descends on Christmas Eve to save him from despair by showing him what the world would have been like had he never been born – that he has had, after all, a wonderful life.

THE CAST: 11 men & 10 women & 6 children

George Bailey: Male, 30-40 The every man of Bedford Falls, a good man whose patience is tried.

Clarence : Male or female, 18+ An AS-2 (Angel Second Class).

Mr. Gower : Male, 50-75 Proprietor of the corner drug store.

Young George: Male, 10-13 Should look like a younger version of the actor playing George.

Harry Bailey: Male, 18-25 George’s younger brother.

Mother Bailey: Female, 51-65 A very kind and understanding woman who should be old enough to be George’s mother as an adult.

Aunt Tilly: Uncle Billy's wife

Violet Peterson: Female, 25-40 Proprietor of beauty salon.

Bert: Male: 18-55 Patrolman

Ernie: Male: 18-55 Mail Carrier

Uncle Billy: Male, 40-65 Geo's uncle and business partner

Mary Hatch (later Mary Bailey): Female, 20-40 Geo's loving wife.

Henry F. Potter: Male, 50-75 Owns most of the town.

Sam Wainwright: Male, 20-40 Financially successful young man.

Mr. Martini: Male, 35-70 Proprietor of bar.

Mrs. Martini- Mr. Martini's wife

Peter Bailey: Male, 10-13

Zuzu Bailey: Female, 7-12

Mr. Welch: schoolteacher's husband

Janie Bailey: age 9.

Miss Carter: Female any age, Bank examiner

Newspaper Boy: age 10

Tommy Bailey: age 10

Miss Andrews: female any age, townsperson

Mrs. Thompson: female any age, townsperson

Potter's Goon: ever present w/Potter

Potter's secretary: faithful to Potter

Mrs. Hatch: Mary's mother

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