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Our Last Audition of the 2017 Season



Directed by Dan Blackley and Leslie Eisner

Sunday and Monday - May 21st and 22nd at 7PM
at the Camino Real Playhouse
Please bring your resume and headshot

Performance dates are three weekends:
July 14th - July 30th 2017
Rehearsals for these roles begin May 29th 2017
Mondays - Thursdays at 7:00 pm

The legendary story of Robin Hood comes to life! All of the characters we know are here to stop the evil Prince John and the nefarious Sheriff of Nottingham. Thrill to the adventures of Robin and his merry band with sword fights and an archery contest. See Maid Marion capture Robin's heart and see the history of England come to San Juan. Fun for the whole family!

Robin Hood: late 20's-30's. Leader of the outlaws of Sherwood Forest, handsome, best archer and swordsman of England

Friar Tuck: Late 20's-30's Follows Robin, Holy man who is fast with his sword

Little John: Late 20's-30's Follows Robin, Best Quarterstaff fighter, Mountain of a man,

Alan a Dale: Late 20's-30's Co-Narrator of the play, sense of humor, one of the merry men

King Richard: Late 40's-50's King of England, Crusader who left England to fight in the Holy Wars

Prince John: Late 20's-40's, Richard's Brother, Evil, plans to usurp the throne while Richard is away

Sir Hugh: Late 20's-30's, Best archer of the King's men, henchman of the Sheriff

Sheriff of Nottingham: Late 20's-30's: The sheriff of the County, Evil, wants Marian, hates Robin

Bishop of the Black Cannons: Late 30's-40's, Religious ruler of England, in cahoots with Prince John

Lady Marian: Late 20's-30's ward to King Richard, beautiful, Falls in love with Robin and helps him

Bess: Late 30's-40's, Lady in waiting for Marian, smart, confidant, Tournament Announcer: 30's Announces the Archery Tournament

Elen a Dale: Co-narrator of the play, sense of Humor, Wife of Alan a Dale

Mary/Alice/Constance: 20's-30's, women who own the bar where the Merry Men use, all three are funny, smart and helpful

We need many people to play archers, soldiers, festive people for archery contest, villagers for hanging, merry men and women,etc. These people will play many parts making up the people of England.

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