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Auditons for

Wait Until Dark

Audition Dates: Wednesday and Thursday - December 19th and 27th at 7pm*
Please bring a headshot and resume | Sides will be provided

Performance Dates: February 8th- 24th

* Please contact director Dan Blackley for alternate audition dates if you have a conflict at Godot67@yahoo.com


Cast of Characters:

Mike Talman (Lead) – mid 20’s to 40’s. Mike is a professional con man. He has spent time in jail and has pulled many cons with Carlino. Talman is a good liar. He should be very likeable and charismatic, but with a dark side.

Sgt. Carlino (Lead) – 30’s to 50’s. Carlino is Mike's partner, but he’s not as likeable as Mike. He is older, and physically out of shape. He is a follower, not a leader.

Harry Roat, Jr.(Lead) – 30’s to 50’s. Roat is a very creepy sociopathic con man who we know is capable of murder. He is a "loose cannon" that reacts suddenly, violently and without conscience. He needs several accents during the course of the play.

Suzy Hendrix (Lead) – 25 to 35. Suzy is married to Sam. Recently blinded in a car accident, She is very likeable with a good sense of humor, and a strong need for independence, but she relies heavily on Sam. She is a perfectionist.

Sam Hendrix (Supporting) – 28 to 40. Sam is married to Suzy.He is kindly, trustworthy and almost fatherly toward Suzy.

Gloria (Supporting) – 9 to 15. Gloria is the upstairs neighbor to Suzy and Sam.

Police Officer #1 & #2 (Supporting) – 20’s to 40’s, one man, one woman. These officers are self-assured and trustworthy characters who come in only at the end of the play.

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