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Dear Patrons and Friends of the Playhouse ...

The San Juan Capistrano City Council, in compliance with the State's disolution of the Redevelopment Agency, is selling the Camino Real Playhouse property. Here is an update on the process and suggestions on how you can help us to save live theatre in San Juan Capistrano's future.

About the Future of Live Theatre in San Juan Capistrano


The City Council has scheduled a public hearing on April 26th at 5:00 PM, to review the final four bids. The City's only criteria for soliciting bids is to provide “Maximum Public Benefit” and they explained to all the bidders that their submission was to be a “Best and Final” – no revisions after submitted.

Dan Almquist, Managing Partner of Frontier Real Estate and a local San Juan resident with his wife and small children in our community, has offered a very exciting proposal.

  1. It includes a 250 seat Performing Arts Center!
  1. It will be ringed by quaint shops and a restaurant.
  1. It respects the Historic Town Center Master Plan.
  1. AND it includes a much-needed 250 space Public Parking Structure.

The plan from Frontier has full support from the Playhouse Board of Directors and Management Team and we need your help at this critical moment. Collectively we can ensure our incredible Camino Real Playhouse will bloom into a Performing Arts Center, providing entertainment and education for generations to come. Although other bidders have recently added the idea of possibly supporting a Performing Arts Center late in the process, Frontier is the ONLY bidder that is guaranteeing a Performing Arts Center as submitted in their original project bid in writing.



Click the below link RIGHT NOW! It will automatically generate an email from you to the City Council. Please write them a note telling them what Camino Real Playhouse means to you and how important you think it is to continue our 27-year legacy. Let them know you passionately support the Frontier Proposal.

Please consider attending the meeting to personally witness how our city government functions, and please let your voice be heard. You might even take a shot at performing yourself, at the podium! Let's drive the point home!

Thank you for your support,


Click this link to send a message directly from your email to the full City Council adding your comments and support for The Frontier Bid.