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Please click on the form graphic so that you can download, print, and complete our Audition Form and then bring it to your audition with an optional stage bio and your headshot. The two-page form is in Adobe PDF format for your convenience. Auditions Form

Sides will be provided so you can demonstrate your acting skills. Be prepared, bring your stage biography and a headshot. Turn off your cell phone. If the role you are auditioning for has an accent required – be prepared. Warm up before the audition.

Audition Attire: Wear appropriate clothing that makes you feel confident. Avoid constrictive or excessively stylish clothing. Consider wearing something that makes you feel confident but won’t be distracting. Also try somewhat to emulate the role you’re going in for.

If you are Auditioning for a Musical or a Melodrama – you will be asked to sing a song. Normally prepare two contrasting vocal selections (16 bars). Sheet music should be placed in a binder or folder with the fewest page turns. An accompanist will be provided. No a Capella singing.

If your role requires dancing: You may be required to learn and repeat a dance combination. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Consider all auditions to be learning experiences designed to help you grow as a performer. See auditions as a chance to bring yourself to a new character and do what you love in front of an attentive audience. If you deliver your best performance and you don’t get the role – don’t take it personally. There is always next time.

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At the Camino Real Playhouse – We want you to succeed and we look forward to meeting you and wish you good luck in your audition.


Directed by Stephen Gomer


AUDITIONS – February  6th and 7th at 7 PM 

Please bring resume and head shot.

Sides will be provided.

Director Gerry Dunbar is at her wits end trying to stage a new murder mystery “Murder Most Foul” at the local community theatre. Four days from opening night and the cast don’t know their lines or where they are to be on stage, and they are fighting and arguing with each other. Add in the writer who is constantly adding new scenes, new characters and new lines right before opening and changing the outcome of the final scene and you have a riotous comedy of errors. As opening night closes in, everyone gets to understand that what can go wrong, will go wrong. How will the show actually turn out??!

Aggie Manville: F, 25-40, the Stage Manager

Geraldine “Gerry” Dunbar: F, 40’s, the Director

Henry Benish: M, 50’s

Polly Benish: F, 50’s, Henry’s wife

Marla “Smitty” Smith: F, 18-20, A pretty-but-awkward girl

Saul Watson: M, mid 40’s

Billy Carew: M, 20’s, Athletic looking w/ spirit

Violet Imbrey: F, 20’s, Pretty but not all there type

Louise Peary: F, 35-40, the Stage Set Builder and Gopher.

Phyllis Montague: F, 40’s-50’s, the Writer


Performances are: March 25th- April 10th

Shows are at Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM with Sunday Matinees at 2 PM.


The Clueless Sheriff

Directed by Gary McCarver


AUDITIONS March 6th and 7th at 7 PM 

Please bring resume and head shot.

Sides will be provided.

An old west style Melodrama

Up for a little adventure? Welcome back to the small western town of San Juan Capistrano for the story of a lost love, a “rehabilitated” villain, a jilted woman, and a framed sheriff. Familiar melodrama friends have returned including that scoundrel Professor Mack, the Judge Jerry Mander and that irrepressible Gypsy Claire Voyant who now runs the Swallow’s Inn. New friends include our Hero Justin Credible and our Heroine “San Juan Sally”. Of course, included are a whole slew of authentic old-time songs, live sound effects and an ample supply of shameless plugs.


4 M & 6F + Piano Player

Cue-Card Maven – PAIGE Turner – For those that don’t come to melodramas often … Paige reminds the audience as needed with cues like “Boo … Hiss” or “Shameless Plug”.

PROFESSOR Thaddeus Mack – The “rehabilitated” conman, scoundrel, and villain returns with yet another evil scheme to perpetrate in San Juan Capistrano.

The Heroine-  SALLY Mander The Judge’s only daughter and the popular star singer over at the Swallow’s Inn Saloon. Everyone calls her “San Juan Sally”.

The Gypsy  CLAIRE Voyant The former sideshow soothsayer who now finds her past coming back to haunt her and taunt her as the Professor comes back into her life.

The Hero- JUSTINE Credible-  A simple and good-natured cowpoke who is handy with a gun but clueless as a sheriff. There is only one gal for him … San Juan Sally.

JUDGEJerry Mander – As gruff and as stern a man as you have ever met. He only has two soft spots in his heart … one for his daughter Sally and the other for the town of San Juan Capsitrano.

ANN Chovie – BETTY Diddent – SARAH Bellum – The “San Juan Delights” are 3 singers from the local Saloon that help “gussy up” the town of San Juan Capistrano with back-up vocals to the tunes you hear.

DOC Phil McCavity – The Town Dentist and Undertaker – Doctor Phil is often pulled into the action between extractions. A fun Comic Relief fast talking character.

Performances are: April 22nd- – March 8th

Shows are at Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM with Sunday Matinees at 2 PM.