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Please click on the link below to download, print, and complete our Audition Form and then bring it to your audition with an optional stage bio and your headshot. The two-page form is in Adobe PDF format for your convenience. Auditions Form

Sides will be provided so you can demonstrate your acting skills. Be prepared, bring your stage biography and a headshot. Turn off your cell phone. If the role you are auditioning for has an accent required – be prepared. Warm up before the audition.

Audition Attire: Wear appropriate clothing that makes you feel confident. Avoid constrictive or excessively stylish clothing. Consider wearing something that makes you feel confident but won’t be distracting. Also try somewhat to emulate the role you’re going in for.

If you are Auditioning for a Musical or a Melodrama – you will be asked to sing a song. Normally prepare two contrasting vocal selections (16 bars). Sheet music should be placed in a binder or folder with the fewest page turns. An accompanist will be provided. No a Capella singing.

If your role requires dancing: You may be required to learn and repeat a dance combination. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Consider all auditions to be learning experiences designed to help you grow as a performer. See auditions as a chance to bring yourself to a new character and do what you love in front of an attentive audience. If you deliver your best performance and you don’t get the role – don’t take it personally. There is always next time.

Audition-Form Download

At the Camino Real Playhouse – We want you to succeed and we look forward to meeting you and wish you good luck in your audition.


Death By Design

Directed By Robb Rigg

Sunday and Monday
August 28 and 29 at 7pm

Please bring resume and headshot for audition.
Rehearsals are Mon-Thurs evenings.

Bridgit – The Maid. Irish, Crabby and Warm-hearted. 40’s-60’s
Jack – The Chauffer. Cockney, Charming and Clever. Mid 20’s-Early 30’s
Edward Bennett – The Playwright. British, Urbane and Vain. 40’s-50’s
Sorel Bennett – The Actress. British, Glamourous and Daffy 40’s-50’s
Walter Pearce – The Politician. British, Stiff and Conservative. 30’s-50’s
Eric – The Radical. British, Emphatic, Fiery. 20’s-30’s
Victoria Van Roth – The Bohemian. American or British, Intense and Artistic.
Any Age
Alice – The Visitor. British, Sweet and Shy. Mid 20’s-Early 30’s

Performances are:
October 21- November 6th
Shows are at Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM with Sunday Matinees

A Christmas Carol

Directed by Gina Treasure

September 18th and 19th at 7:00 pm.  


Please bring a headshot and resume. Sides will be provided


 Evenings 7:30pm FRI/SAT November 25, 26, December 2 ,3 ,9 ,10 ,16 ,17

 Matinees 2pm SAT/SUN, November 27, December 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18

Rehearsals begin Monday, October 2, 2022 at 6.30pm



Charles Dickens/Fiddler/Businessman – 40-60 The venerable writer. Injects himself throughout

Scrooge – 50-60. Old, crochety, sour, has no time for anyone or anything

Bob Cratchit – 30-45 Hardworking, cares deeply for his family, especially Tim

Fred/Theatre Manager/Fan’s Husband – 25-30   Scrooge’s nephew (only living relative). Good natured

Schoolmaster/Undertaker’s Man/Shopkeeper – 30-50 Harsh and gruff schoolmaster. Seller of deceased’s clothes

Mr. Fezziwig/Old Joe/Blind Beggar – 50s Happy, jolly employer of Ebenezer. Buys old and stolen goods

Ghost of Christmas Present/Gentleman 1 – 35-50 Robust, jolly fellow. Good natured Charity worker

Belle’s Husband/Gentleman 2/Businessman – 25-40 Caring husband, Charity Worker, party guest

Jacob Marley/Topper/Businessman – 30-50 Ghost of Scrooge’s mournful partner, delightful party guest

Apprentice Ebenezer/Young husband –25-30 Apprentice of Fezziwig, Worried young husband.


Ghost of Christmas Past/Flower girl/Young Wife – 15-25 Lively but with an air of seriousness. Nervous wife

Laundress/Raucous Lady – 40-60 A hag and stealer of Scrooge’s belongings. Life of the party guest

Mrs. Fezziwig/Charwoman/Party Guest – 40s Happy and delighted with a party, A hag. Lively guest

Martha Cratchit/Sara/Party Guest– 25-30 A loving daughter, Fred’s lovely wife. Lively guest

Mrs. Cratchit/Cook – 30-40 A loving mother trying to do the best for her family. A party guest

Belle/party guest – to play 20-25 lovely fiancée of Apprentice Ebenezer.


Street Boy, younger Ebenezer, Ignorance – 11 Can be younger. Lively and agile. A ragged boy

Peter Cratchit/street boy – 8-9 Young son of Bob Cratchit. Begs in the street. Sings a carol outside office.

Tiny Tim –8–10 Crippled son of the Cratchits. Can be younger


Fan/street girl/Want – 11-12 A lovely but sickly younger sister of young Scrooge. A ragged girl

Belinda Cratchit/Belle’s Daughter – 10-12 Delightful daughter. Cheerful daughter of Belle. Can be younger

NOTE: The roles of Gentlemen 1 & 2 may be played by females