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Please click on the link below to download, print, and complete our Audition Form and then bring it to your audition with an optional stage bio and your headshot. The two-page form is in Adobe PDF format for your convenience. Auditions Form


Sides will be provided so you can demonstrate your acting skills. Be prepared, bring your stage biography and a headshot. Turn off your cell phone. If the role you are auditioning for has an accent required – be prepared. Warm up before the audition.


Audition Attire: Wear appropriate clothing that makes you feel confident. Avoid constrictive or excessively stylish clothing. Consider wearing something that makes you feel confident but won’t be distracting. Also try somewhat to emulate the role you’re going in for.


If you are Auditioning for a Musical or a Melodrama – you will be asked to sing a song. Normally prepare two contrasting vocal selections (16 bars). Sheet music should be placed in a binder or folder with the fewest page turns. An accompanist will be provided. No a Capella singing.


If your role requires dancing: You may be required to learn and repeat a dance combination. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear.


Consider all auditions to be learning experiences designed to help you grow as a performer. See auditions as a chance to bring yourself to a new character and do what you love in front of an attentive audience. If you deliver your best performance and you don’t get the role – don’t take it personally. There is always next time.


Audition-Form Download


At the Camino Real Playhouse – We want you to succeed and we look forward to meeting you and wish you good luck in your audition.


Directed By Dan Blackley

Music Directed By Marc Marger

Choreographed by Joanna Tsang-Segelson

Camino Real Playhouse – San Juan Capistrano


June 25th and 26th at 7:00 p.m.

Callbacks by invitation on June 29th at 6:00pm

Prepare approximately 32 bars of a musical theatre song in a style similar to the music of Something Rotten. You may also be asked to sing a contrasting piece.

Sheet music must be in the correct key – pianist will not transpose and be in a 3-ring binder.

Be prepared to dance. Bring tap shoes if you have them.

Provide photo and resume.

When signing in, be prepared to list conflicts occurring during the rehearsal period. Those with limited conflicts may be considered.  We expect all actors to be available the two weeks prior to show opening, and no performance conflicts will be allowed.


NICK: 30 to 40s, male. A writer. Nigel’s older brother. He holds a grudge against Shakespeare. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings and dances very well. Tenor (B2-A4).

NIGEL: 30 to early 40s, male. A writer. Nick’s younger brother. Sweet and a little awkward. He is in love with Portia. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings very well. Tenor solid to G#4.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: 30s to 40s, male. Over-the-top and cocky, a true rock star of his time. He is the Renaissance James Brown. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings and dances very well. Rock tenor solid to A4.

THOMAS NOSTRADAMUS: 40s to 50s, male. A soothsayer. He predicts that Nick and Nigel will write a musical. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings and dances very well. Tenor 2 (C3-F4).

BROTHER JEREMIAH: 50s, male. A Puritan and the father of Portia. He despises Nick and Nigel. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings very well. Rock Baritone solid to G4.

MINSTREL: 25 to 35, male. Is the fun-loving charismatic narrator of the show, and sings the opening numbers of each act. Must sing and dance well. Tenor solid to A4.BEA: 30s, female. Nigel’s wife. She loves Nigel despite his past lack of success. She dresses up like a man to prove she can be an actor. Seeking a great comedic actress that sings very well. Mezzo with belt (D3-D5).

PORTIA: 20s to 30s, female. A beautiful puritan woman that Nick meets on the street. She has golden hair and loves poetry. Seeking a great comedic actress that sings very well. Soprano with a mix (G3-F5).

SHYLOCK: An older Jewish man. Nick and Nigel are in debt to him. He becomes an investor in their musical. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings well.

LORD CLAPHAM: Older male. Patron of the theatre. He’s flamboyant and extremely posh. Seeking a great comedic actor that sings well.

ENSEMBLE: Various ages and ethnicities. Must sing and dance, tap and musical theatre styles.

Rehearsals will begin July 17th

Rehearsals are Mon-Thurs from 6:30-9:30, 

and occasional Saturday days 9:30- 12:30 at the Playhouse.

This schedule is approximate and subject to change. 

Not everyone is needed for every rehearsal. 

We will do our best to e considerate of your time. 

Will run later during tech week.

Performances are September 15- October 1st with a potential extension through October 8th (tba asap)

Shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM, Saturday Matinee at 2:00 PM on September 23rd, and Sunday Matinees at 2:00 PM.


Welcome to the Renaissance, where the Black Plague has ceded power to the Puritans, farthingales and codpieces are the latest fashion trend, and the biggest celebrity in England is a playwright named William Shakespeare. In the midst of all this excitement, brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom are trying to keep their acting company afloat. In a desperate attempt to out-Bard the Bard, Nick consults with a soothsayer, who informs him that the future of theatre involves acting, singing, and dancing — sometimes all at once! As the Bottom brothers strive to write the world’s very first “musical”, they find themselves caught in a bitter battle with the Bard and the play’s the thing. Something Rotten! is a hysterical, joyous celebration of everything you love about Broadway.